Rainey and Remington | Lawton, Oklahoma Engagement Photos

Rainey and Remington’s Oklahoma engagement session at Mount Scott was perfection. Our original plan was to have their session in DFW back in April but the Covid came knocking it changed everything. Remington is stationed in Lawton, OK and are limited to what they can and cannot do, such as travel limitations. It became apparent to Rainey and I that the best option would be for me to go to them and with all that said we were all extremely happy with the outcome!

These two were up for anything and that is one of the major reasons for how well the session was! Rainey was climbing boulders in heals and Remington picked her up for some requested poses. They were troopers and once our set hour was complete we decided that it was just too good not to continue shooting. The lighting was changing and becoming ideal and with that we were in a good groove. I feel like this gallery proves that if you trust your photographer and go with the flow, magic happens!

P.S. How cute are they?!?!?!