Pros To Having A Second Shooter At Your Wedding

Most bride are now choosing to hire two photographers to capture their wedding day. In my opion this is a smart decision that is beneficial to the couple and myself as the lead photographer. Maybe for you it isn’t that easy of a decision and that’s ok! I wanted to lay out some of the pros when it comes to hiring two vs. one photographer in the hopes of helping you make a decision that is right for you.

We can be in two places at once- There are times where the bride and groom may be getting ready at two different locations and with two photographers this is no problem. I can go be with the bride and her ladies while the second shooter heads over to hang out with the guys. There are many times where, for one reason or another, we find ourselves running behind schedule. Maybe hair and make up ran long or someone was running late. When you have that extra shooter we can get twice as much done and many times can catch up and not miss something. I love being able to send a second shooter to get reception details and photos of cocktail hour while I do family portraits because if your couple photos go long then we may miss getting the reception details before your guest sit-down.

Unmissed moments- You’re wedding will go by so fast but will be filled with priceless moments. It is very difficult for one single person to capture them all but with a second shooter available, there are many more opportunities for us to capture laughter, dance moves and tears of joy. You yourself will have no idea that some of these moments happened but you will see more of them with two photographers.

You receive more photos- This one is pretty straight forward. The more people taking photos, the more photo that you will receive in your gallery.

A different perspective- One of the biggest moments of the wedding day is the first kiss right? With two photographers we can get two different photos but of the same moment. For example, one of us can use a wide angle lense that with capture the first kiss with your bridal party, family and friends all cheering you on and the other can zoom in and get a shot of just the two of you! If you choose to have a first look one of us can focus in on the brides reaction and the other on the groom reaction. There are many many moments where it can be beneficial to have two shooters.

Creativity- All photographers bring something fresh and unique to the table. We all have a different style, creative poses, or some fun prompts to bring out some authentic laughter. As a lead photographer, I am mainly focused on nailing the must have shots but they have a little bit more freedom when capturing these moments.

Back up photos if something happens to mine- This is a very rare scenario but if the worst possible things happens and one of your photographers lose your photos or the memory card has an error, the second shoot still has images of your wedding and not all is lost! Maybe someone steals or damages the photographers equipment and doesn’t have back up equipment. The second shooter can still capture the rest of the wedding!

A happier photographer- I think most photographers would agree that having a second shooter by their side makes them feel more comfortable and confident knowing that someone is on their team. It keep the day running smoother and less stressful for everyone. An extra pair of hands is so necessary at times when I’m in need of quick drink of water or even to use the restroom. When I’m shooting your couples photos, the dress will constantly need to be fluffed and having someone to do that for me while I set up the next shot is always so helpful. They are also a second pair of eyes when getting large family groups situated just right so every one can be seen. All of these things may seem little but do have a big impact on how your photographer feels and performs throughout the day.