Something Blue, Borrowed, New and Old

Some of the old wedding traditions are simple to follow and others can take some extra thought. If you are having trouble brain storming ideas for something blue, borrowed, new or old then this is a must read for you.


Something Blue: Blue on your wedding day represents fidelity, purity and love. If you’re wedding colors do not include blue then here are a few ideas to follow along with when including something blue.

Shoes: Im a suckers for blue shoes on a wedding day! They are a nice little pop of color but are easily hidden if blue clashes with your wedding colors.

Garter: Similar to blue shoes, a garter is not visible to everyone making it a great option for your something blue.

Blue stitching on the inside of the dress: Recently brides are having something blue sown into their gown. You could sow in your new married name, your wedding date or a little heart.


Something Borrowed: Something borrowed symbolized borrowed happiness. Usually an item is borrowed from a happily married friend or relative.

Veil or hair piece: Ask your sister if you can borrow her beautiful long veil or a friend about her beautiful hair piece from her wedding. Most likely they would be honored to let you borrow it for your big day and can save you a little money as a bonus!

Cake Cutting Set: Once again, a friend or relative is great recourses for borrowing little aspects of a wedding day from.

Ring bear pillow: Let’s be honest, no one really wants to spend money of a tiny pillow that will be used for only a few minutes. This is something that is perfect to borrow.


Something New: Something new represents your new life ahead and is usually the easiest tradition to follow. There are many new things that you will get for your wedding day but besides the obvious dress, ring and last name here are a few other options to consider.

Jewelry: This may be an obvious choice but is also a great excuse to splurge a little. Maybe this piece becomes something you wear only for special occasions such as a wedding anniversary.

Robe or Intimates: These two options serve a deal purpose: it follows the something new tradition  and you can put it to good use on your wedding night or honeymoon.

Perfume or lipstick: Something I wish I did myself on my wedding day was pick out a new perfume or lip color so I could wear it every year just on my wedding anniversary. It simply represents the wedding day and its significance.


Something Old: Traditionally something old was something that represented the bride family, specifically her mother or grandmother. There are many good options for something old to incorporate into your wedding day.

Family Heirlooms: Most families have items that they pass down from generation to generation or items that are sentimental to the family. Some of these family heirlooms could be a locket, broach or handkerchief, which can be attached to the bouquet. One of the more simple options could be a piece of jewelry that your mother or grandmother wear often or even wore on their own wedding day.

Lace from your mother or grandmothers wedding dress: This is a easy way to represent something old and one of the women in your family. You can take a piece of their dress and wrap it around your bouquet or sow it on the inside of your own dress.

Vintage Getaway Car: An old car can add a fun and timeless element to your something old on your wedding day!


I’m hopefully that this information was helpful and sparked some good ideas for following the old wedding traditions with something blue, borrowed, new and old.