6 Reasons You Should Book A Bridal Session

If you are on the fence about scheduling a bridal session with your photographer, don’t be! Whether this is you or you know for sure you will book a bridal session, here are some reasons that I find important aspects of this session that will have you sending your photographer an email and booking ASAP!


1. You can do your hair and make up trials the same day you plan for bridals. This way you can see everything together before your big day and can make any changes you want.

2. Having a bouquet made for your bridals will give you the opportunity to see what your wedding day florals will look like.

3. You can try on your dress and get a better feeling for it while we take picture. Plus it is a great excuse to just get in your dress for fun!

4. You will receive more photos of yourself before your big day even arrives which also save us shooting time on your wedding day since we will not have to take quite as many on the day of.

5. You can get your photos printed and use them on your wedding day.

6. There is another chance for us to work together before your big day and gives us more time to get to know each other so you are more comfortable on your wedding day.


Photos: Bridal Photos at The Olana, The Grand Ivory, and Aristide-Colleyville