Groom Wedding Day Detail Checklist

When I arrive at your wedding venue, the very first thing I put on the timeline to photograph is the brides details but this goes for the grooms details as well! These details help me tell the story of your unique wedding day. Trying to remember all of these details can seem overwhelming, though. I have created the ultimate bridal detail checklist to make this portion just a little easier for the groom!

photos: Remington reading note, groom getting dressed, Landry, Remington, or  cuff links and/or watch

Ring– Obviously this detail is a big deal on your wedding day and we will want to include them in with your other details.

Boutonnieres– Talk to your florist ahead of time and request that all the boutonnieres be delivered to the location and/or room that you will be getting ready in if possible.  Your boutonniere will really set off your whole look and add a pop of color to your suit.

Cuff links– Cuff links are the best way to show off your personality on the wedding day. They could be personalized specifically to your wedding day, your favorite sports team, or simple and classy. There are so many options so get creative.

Cologne– Guys! Ladies love when you smell good so go out and purchase a new favorite scent before the big day!

Tie– Whether you choose a long tie,  bow tie, a solid color or a wild pattern, your tie is a an important detail that makes the suit.

Watch-Your watch, like your cufflinks, can add some personal flair to your overall appearance and really dresses up your look.

Shoes-Shoes can really pull the whole look together and in detail photos, adds to the style and feel of the wedding day.

Vows-I believe the words your write to each other for your wedding day are some of the most important you will exchange with one another during your entire relationship. I love pairing a photo of vow readings and a photo written vows together.

Special gift or note from bride– These are the last words from your bride before you get to see her for the first time on your wedding day and they are always heart felt. The gifts can be something meaningful to the both of your or even something you will wear on your wedding day. I love pairing these details with a photo of you opening your gift or reading the note.

Pro Tip: Pull all of these details in the same bag  or one area where you are getting ready. This way you can simply point me in the right direction and can easily find everything on my own! Plus you avoid searching through multiple bags looking for specific details.