How To Find Out Her Ring Size

So you are ready to pop that all important question and get engaged but there is one major detail you will need to find out before you go ring shopping. What size ring does she wear?! You may we worrying about how you will find out the correct size but still catch her off guard. Well I have some tips and ideas on how you can find out while keeping your engagement plans a complete secret.

1. Trace one of her rings- Take one of her existing rings and trace both the inside and outside band on a piece of paper. I would suggest doing it a couple different times to make sure you get the best drawing possible. Make sure this is also a ring that she would wear on one of her ring figures.

2. Borrow one of her rings- If she wont notice one of her rings missing for a short period of time, just take one of her rings with you! Once again make sure this is a ring she would wear on her ring figure.

3. Try on one of her rings- Trying on one of her rings and marking where it hits on your own finger. This way when you go to look at ring options they can help you decipher the best size for her.

4. Enlist some trusted help- Having one of her friends or a family member ask her about her ring size or even to borrow one of her rings to “wear” wouldn’t be too suspicions. If she feels like an engagement is somewhere in the future she is most likely having these types of conversations with her girlfriends anyways.

5. Subtly ask her-If you two have already talked about an engagement and getting married then whenever it come up again just throw out the question.

6. Take her ring shopping- Yes, you ready that right! Who says you can’t take her into a jewelry store while walking around the mall one day or out running errands? This will also give you a good idea of what style she likes, how the rings will look on her hand, and many other details. Being proactive about what size ring she wears and also what styles she likes will ultimately make your job much easier when you pick out “the one” for her.