How To Choose The Best Wedding Photographer For You!

One of the biggest decisions you will make when it comes to planning your wedding is choosing a photographer. Photographers hold one of the only tangible items that will last beyond your wedding day. These photographs will take you back to your special day,  remind you of all those details that wont last beyond your wedding day and allow you to share them with the people who come into your life later on. Here are six tips on how to find the perfect photographer for you.

Know your style– All photographers have a shooting and editing style. Some prefer a more posed look while others like to keep it natural and candid. When it comes to editing some are darker and more dramatic and others choose a more bright and true to color style. The first question you should ask yourself is what style appeals to you the most? Then select a couple photographers who shoot in that style and look at their website and social media for consistency so you can confidently know the product you will receive.

Schedule an in person or zoom meetings– I always suggest meeting with 2-3 photographers before you make your final decision on who your photographer will be. Aside from their work standing out to you, the photographer as a person needs to be a good fit for you! Do you feel comfortable with them? Are they interested in you and your wedding day vision? You may not know it now but you will be spending almost your entire day with this person and you should feel comfortable doing so! Another big question that you should be asking them that may also influence your decision is if they are available on your chosen wedding date.

How do they make you feel?-Now that you have met a few photographers you have been able to get a feel not only just what they offer but also for who they are as a person. I want you to ask yourself, how did they make you feel? Do you trust them? Does their personality mesh and work well with yours?

Ask to see a full wedding gallery– Websites and social media accounts consist of, what I call, the “highlight real”. Photographers show there absolute best here but if you want to know exactly what to expect from beginning to end then I always suggest asking to see a full gallery! If your photographer has shot at your wedding venue before, this will be even more helpful to get a feel for what you can expect. Look for consistency throughout the wedding gallery when it comes to editing. This will give you a good feel for their style as well.

*Bonus Tip: View an engagement gallery also!

Read and understand the contract– You want to make sure that you read and understand the contract, so you know exactly what you are getting through the entire process and after. What is included in your wedding day coverage? Is an engagement session or bridal session included? When and how do you pay? Don’t hesitate to ask questions before signing the contract.

Look at their reviews-I know when I am purchasing a new product one of the first things I do is look at what other people are saying and what their experience has been with the product and company. It is no different when searching for a wedding photographer or any other vendor you are looking at hiring for your wedding.