Detail Checklist for Brides

When I arrive at your wedding venue, the very first thing I put on the timeline to photograph is the brides details. These details help tell the story of your unique wedding day. Trying to remember all of these details can seem overwhelming, though. I have created the ultimate bridal detail checklist to make this portion just a little easier for brides!


Dress– The first thing I usually photograph upon my arrival is your wedding gown. So before you slip into your gorgeous gown you have been dying to wear, let me beautifully hang it up and take a few photos of it on its own. Don’t forget to bring a pretty or personalized hanger that fits your style! Your dress can also make for a beautiful backdrop for some of your other details such as your rings and other jewelry.

Rings– Make sure you have all 3 of them. I always get photos of all 3 together but also like to include them with some of your other details such as your invitations and other accessories. Your rings will forever be a symbol of your love and commitment to one another making them the most important detail.

Jewelry– This includes earrings, necklace, bracelets and any other pieces you plan to wear on you wedding day. Many brides include family heirloom jewelry making it a very sentimental detail and hold a great deal of value to the bride and family.

Veil and/or head piece– Your veil is the perfect addition to your small detail photos. Placing rings, jewelry, hair piece and family heirlooms always look soft ad delicate on a veil.

Bouquet– Talk to your florist ahead of time and request that your bouquet be delivered to the location and/or room that you will be getting ready in. This way you or a friend do not have to run around trying to locate it. *Also ask them to leave me few loose florals to add in with your details.

Guarder– This lacy little thing is something that some bride include and other prefer to leave out but it is always up to you and your preference.

Shoes– Many brides choose some of the most beautiful shoes to wear for this special occasion and can also really show off their individual personalities making them a great detail to include.

Family Heirlooms-Perhaps your grandmother or mother has passed down a family heirloom for your special day. It could be a piece of jewelry or a handkerchief but I would love nothing more than to include these special items into your details.

Vows-I believe the words your write to each other for your wedding day are some of the most important you will exchange with one another during your entire relationship. I love pairing a photo of vow readings and a photo written vows together. Looking back it will take you to the emotion you felt and be bale to reread them at anytime.

Invitations-Your invitations really captures the theme and feeling of your wedding day.

Perfume-Many brides purchase a new perfume for their wedding day and then only wear it on their anniversary. What a sweet way to remember your wedding and carry a little piece of it to every anniversary.

Special Gift– Many couples send a sweet gift and note to each other before the wedding ceremony. These moments are the sweetest and I’m here to capture those too.


Pro Tip: Pull all of these details in the same bag and then once at the venue place the bag in one designated spot with your other details such as dress and florals. This way you can simply point me in the right direction and can easily find everything on my own! Plus you avoid searching through multiple bags looking for specific details.