Must Have Winter Warm Ups

With winter setting in, I am sharing my top winter necessities to surviving the cold! Things that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and also the items that actually keep you warm!


Sweatpants- A couple years ago I finally found the absolute best sweatpants and from my favorite online location…Amazon!! They fit great, keep me warm, and have a draw string and pockets. I’ve never had a more comfortable pair of sweatpants. I dropped the link below!


Fire pit or Fire Place- My husband and I are fortunate to have both a firepit and fire place! Both keep us warm and the feeling it brings also makes us feel relaxed and cozy. We love the firepit for making s’mores with our kids and some of our best conversations are shared around the firepit. Some of you are thinking, well I don’t have a fire place in my home or a firepit. There are many places you can go to enjoy these things also. For example, there is a little wine bar called ” Eight 11″ and they have great live music, firepit tables and delicious food and drinks. You just have to find these types of places and enjoy!


Hot Drink– Coffee, Tea, Hot Cocoa, or sider. It doesn’t matter what your go to drink is they all keep us warm while enjoying something yummy!

Fuzzy Socks or Slippers– Its true! If you keep you feet warm, you will easily stay warmer over all. I found a pair for my husband a couple years back and he loved them so much that he got me a pair the following year. I will drop the link below and yes its a winning Amazon find once again!


Candles- These simple little flames and scents always make me FEEL warm and cozy in my home. My personal favorite places to find holiday scented candles are of course Target but also from Bath and Body Works! They has a seasonal sale on their three wick candles that I ALWAYS participate in. Be prepared to wait in line and navigate the crowds but trust me its so worth it!


Bake Something- Take advantage of killing two bird with one stone by baking a meal or dessert in the oven and keep the house warmer vs turning up the heat!

Snuggles- This could be with your significant other, a soft oversized blanket or your furry pup! My personal favorite…all three! Cuddle up on the couch and pop in a movie or binge watch a new show on Netflix.


Stay warm friends!