Texas Newbie

My husband, Matt, has always been very supportive of my photography dreams and ambitions. He has pushed me to be better, encouraged me when I don’t feel like I’m doing enough and financially equipped me. But when Matt was presented a job opportunity that he couldn’t refuse, it was my turn to sacrifice and step aside for my husband. So, we packed up our 6-month-old twin girls, 3 fur babies and left everyone we knew in Arizona. We were on to bigger and better things in Dallas, Texas.

Personally, this move was initially more difficult than I anticipated. I was born and raised in Arizona and this was my first big move ever. Plus, now I had taken on the role of a full-time stay at home mom. Don’t get me wrong, it has been one of the biggest blessings in my life to be able to see every first and silly thing they do or say. Honestly though, I had no outlet. I knew no one and had no portal of meeting people such as a job.

Now that we have been here in North Dallas for a little over a year, the timing is right to venture out and pursue my passion once again. I’m not here to be the best or more well knows photographer. My mission is to bless my clients with unforgettable memories through my images. I want to illustrate their unique love story!

To say I am excited about shooting in Texas in and understatement! The Dallas Fort Worth area is much different than the Phoenix area that I am used to. How do you ask? One word…. GREEN! Its green, lush and so diverse. It gets all my creative juices flowing. I’m going to keep if real for a minute and say that I am obviously not the most familiar with the area and I’m new to the Dallas wedding industry but we all have to start somewhere. Come be a part of my journey as I bless you with beautiful memories through my images.